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Founded in 1988, GonPetro has a long tradition in this market, and has walked alongside the emergence, growth and maturity of this sector. Located in Macaé / Rio de Janeiro , the birthplace of the national oil industry, GonPetro combines the experience and credibility of its founders with an efficient and advanced management focused on the pursuit of operational excellence and the achievement of results. The development of the company and its continuing growth represent a tangible proof of its renewability, adaptability and its capacity to meet demands. Since it was founded, GonPetro has always focused on developing solutions and has stood out as a pioneer in the research for new processes and by offering a wide range of products. Anticipation, optimization, guidance and insightful solutions to its customers are some of the key elements that led GonPetro to occupy a unique position of leadership and credibility in the national and international oil market. Mission Be passionate about what we do, always exceeding the expectations of our customers and providing direct answers to their demands. Vision Become a leader in the exploration and production of oil and gas operations, aiming to provide the best performance on supplies and logistics. Values – Confidence in the human being and his/her capacity to develop through work; – Satisfaction in serving our customers; – Transparent and open communication between Leader and team members; – Consistent effort to surpass the results obtained. Long Sweep Manifold Fittings; High Pressure Pipe; High Pressure Valves; Flowline Equipments; API Flanges & Hammer Lug Union; 4130 Oilfield Piping Products Carbon Steel & SS Pipe and Fittings; Cupper- Nickel Pipe & Fittings; Bolting; Gaskets; Steel Plate and Section; CS and SS Seamless & Welded Linepipe; Valves Product; Flanges; Forged Steel Fittings; Pipe Nipples; Fiberglass Grating; Carbon Steel Grating


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