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About Registration Update

Rede Petro - BC constantly invests on feasibility studies of projects that increase the quality of the provided services, in order to meet the demand from its associates and to increase its activities in the Campos Basin.

In 2012, the Network opted for the innovation in the online tool that is offered to its associated, aiming at providing the magnification of a favorable environment of business creation in the oil, gas and energy chain.

The online environment for searching products and services is more dynamic, intuitive and accessible. Now the access to the information of the companies and institutions associated with the Rede Petro - BC is free, there is no need to register prior the use.

In addition to the fully released database searches for individuals and legal entities, from this year on the update of registration information of members can be made through an online system, making the process of register update much safer and more practical.

With this initiative, Rede Petro - BC estimates that more opportunities are generated for your associates, more companies and institutions see the advantages of integrating the network, contributing to regional development.

It is extremely important that companies and institutions update their register in order to ensure that all information disclosed at the site is qualified for generation of business opportunities.

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What the service is

The Registration Update service is aimed at companies and institutions associated with Rede Petro - BC. This is a way to ensure that the data displayed in our online search are updated.

What has changed and why to update data

Now, the registration of companies serves to very specific categories. The search system developed for this project has options such as CNAE as filter, Groups of Products and Services (strategic ans support products and services) and ratings categories according to ONIP.

The more data that your company keeps up-to-date, more filter options are available so that the oil, gas and energy customers and suppliers find your data in our online searches system.

How to perform the Registration Update

If you represent a company or institution associated with the Rede Petro - BC, request your password via the contact form. After you receive the access data, you can log in the Member Area.There you will find a collection of tutorials and files informing the procedural steps to perform the registration update.

Use of data

Besides serving as a base for customers and suppliers of the oil and gas production chain to find your information in our online searches system, the registered data are also used in the production of desktop catalogs that Rede Petro - BC distributes in fairs and industry events.

When to update your data

Your company or institution can make updates whenever you need to include or exclude categories it’s related to, add or change addresses and contact information, add pictures and PDF presentations on products and services and institutional information.

Benefits for the Associates

The online catalogue is a system developed to provide the members of Petro-BC with a canal of qualified disclosure for products and services searches on the internet. In addition to this initiative, the Rede Petro - BC strives to constantly provide supportive environments to business generation for their members. If your company is not yet integrated into the network, learn more advantages by clicking here.


Joining the Rede Petro - BC represents today for more than 90 companies and institutions a more qualified canal for information exchange and business opportunities promotion covering the entire oil, gas and energy production chain of the Campos Basin. Don't miss the opportunity to join the Rede Petro - BC. Start the online process right now.

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