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The work performed by Rede Petro – BC together with the Associated Companies of the oil, gas and energy productive chain in Campos Basin (RJ) is only possible thanks to the dedication and participation of the Managing Committee, to the Servers Organizations and to the Partners, which focus their efforts on business promotion and on access to qualified information.

  • Petrobras A Leader in the Brazilian oil business, Petrobrás is among the five largest companies in the world. Present in 27 countries, the company works in sectors such oil and gas exploiting and production, refining, marketing and transportation, petrochemicals, distribution of oil products, electricity, biofuels and other renewable energy sources.
  • SEBRAE The Brazilian Service to Micro and Small Companies is an independent social service that aims at assisting the development of micro and small companies, stimulating entrepreneurship in the country (Brazil).
  • FIRJAN FIRJAN system is an important partner of companies in the State of Rio de Janeiro in the quest for growth. The five organizations that are part of the System promote actions to ensure a leading position for the industry of Rio de Janeiro in the national scene, in the political, economic and social levels.
  • ACIM The Commercial and Industrial Association of Macaé has been acting for over 95 years in favor of the development of the city, by means of an integration effort between society, the government and the productive sector, having the mission of represent commerce workers and serve as a multiplier of concepts of business excellence.
  • Prefeitura de Macaé The city of Macaé, through its Secretariat of Economic and Technological Development, Works on the promotion and articulation for the incentive to innovation, research and economic development within and outside of the oil and gas chain, contributing to the sustainable growing of the city and its economic diversity, with focus on the present and on the post-oil era.
  • CREA - RJ
    CREA - RJ
  • IADC
  • IFF Campos
    IFF Campos
  • SPE
  • Universidade Federal Fluminense
    Universidade Federal Fluminense
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