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Membership Form

Welcome to the Membership Area.

It is an honor to learn that your company or institution want to join the largest business network in the Campos Basin.

To proceed with the request, it is necessary to know the basic criteria for joining the Petro-BC network.

1. To have a CNPJ in the State of Rio de Janeiro;

2. Not only be a commercial representative;

3. Have at least 6 months of work in the Campos Basin or one year in the State of Rio de Janeiro;

4. Have ISO 9000 or CRCC certification - Petrobras or Petrobras Supplier Local Registry or Sebrae / Petrobras Supplier Qualification Program Certificate or Six month supply history in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

If your company meets the basic criteria established, then you proceed with filling out the membership form. If possible, send annexed to the form:

a) Signed Membership Term (to download membership term, click here).

b) Any of the certificates or the Supply History, contained in section 4 of the joining criteria.

The submission of these documents is not required at this moment. Your company can request membership without filling out these fields.

The company which is contracted to Rede Petro – BC will contribute each month with an amount, referred to according to the number of employees that the company has. If you haven’t read the guidebook which informs the contributions, you can fast check this item by clicking here.

After documentation* analyses and approval, Rede Petro – BC will keep in touch to schedule a meeting between your company’s representative and Rede’s coordinators.

Filling out the Joining Form


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