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The focus of Rede Petro – BC is to create favorable environments for the business generation for its members.

Acting as an articulator between clients and goods and strategic services suppliers as well as research and development agents of the oil, gas and energy productive chain, Rede Petro – BC stands as a distinguished partner for companies and institutions that operate in the Campos Basin.

Joining Rede Petro – BC represents today for over 80 institutions the integration to one of the best-qualified channels for information Exchange, diversification of clients portfolio and cooperation among the operating agents of the whole oil, gas and energy productive chain in Capons Basin. Don’t miss the opportunity of joining Rede Petro – BC and be part of the largest business network in Capos Basin.

What Rede Petro – BC offers to its members:

- Qualified, low-complexity and low-cost relationships with supplier and purchaser;

- Possibility of meeting technological demands;

- Benefits of the Strengthening Oil, Gas and Energy APL in Campos Basin Project;

- Approximation with development entities;

- Sharing of information and resources;

- Access to supply alternatives in an already installed market;

- Potential for corporate earnings from the supply chain administration cost reduction;

- Strengthening of the regional market with the increase of local content in the orders.

  • Associated Companies Business Network Expand the portfolio of your company’s clients and suppliers by joining Rede Petro - BC
  • Return Negotiations Development and Innovation Sharing of qualified information; encouragement of innovation and market access.
How to join

The procedure of joining Rede Petro – BC follows some steps. In addition to comply with some requirements, after the documentation review and approval, the company or institution which wants to join Rede Petro – BC will participate in a meeting with the Network coordinators and their request will require a final approval by the Managing Committee members. Download the guides listed at the bottom of this page to get to know in detail the procedures and criteria for membership. If you are a representative of a company or institution in the Campos Basin that wants to join Rede Petro-BC, start the online process, by filling the membership form. Rede Petro-BC will analyze the documents submitted and in case your request for joining is approved we’ll get in touch with you to proceed with the integration process.

Join seta Start the process online and receive contact Rede Petro - BC
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