Rede Petro - BC Gerando Oportunidades de Negócios

About Rede Petro – Bacia de Campos

Rede Petro – BC is a non-profit organization that aims at promoting, articulating and incentive business generation between the agents of the oil, gas and energy production chain in Campos Basin.

Having as a challenge to meet the demands from the main area of Brazilian exploitation and production, Rede Petro – BC constantly invests in feasibility surveys for projects in which business generation is promoted by means of competitiveness, thus creating business opportunities for the associated companies and institutions.

In order to do that, Rede Petro – BC counts on the support from instituting organizations and partners, which dedicate to increase the quality of the services offered by Rede and to keep it up to date with the market’s needs.

Since its foundation in 2003, Rede Petro – BC has as main goal to strengthen the collaborative relationship between customers and suppliers in the Campos Basin, through the creation of supportive environments for generating business among its members.

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